Psychological Safety

Facilitator: Phillip Salvador

Jesus has an amazing ability to create a safe environment to connect to different people from all walks of life. Even the Apostles who came from different walks of life, Jesus connected with them to elevate them to a common goal. We investigated and discussed how Jesus was able to do this looking at some different interactions Jesus had. Take some time to study his interactions from the following scriptures.

Analyzing social interaction between Jesus and:

  1. Woman at the Well John 4:7-42
  1. Rich young ruler Mark 10:17-27
  1. Religious Leader and Sick Woman: Luke 8:40-56

Some guiding questions to help you analyze Jesus’ social interaction with his audience:

  • How does Jesus relationally connect to his audience in this particular interaction?
  • If applicable, What leads you to believe his audience felt connected to Jesus? Or what does his audience seek and how does Jesus answer them?
  • If applicable, How does Jesus communicate and balance what people have known (Old Covenant) to shift them to his message?
  • What qualities do you see that in Jesus in his interactions that may be a potential growth area for you?

Lastly we watched a video that had some great insight regarding creating a safe environment when interacting and helping others.

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