To Love as Jesus Loved.

It’s that simple and that challenging. We believe that you can’t love God without embracing the people around you, and each Sunday we strive to grow closer through honest discussion and sharing a meal.

Unity Not Uniformity

Each of us brings a different set of experiences and perspectives, values and beliefs, and we believe everyone has something of value to bring to the discussion. That’s why we have discussions – not sermons – and why the discussion facilitator changes from week to week.

An Untamed Spirit

We are much indebted to the work of John Porter in his paper “The Wild Goose” for identifying how very often churches seek to be safe and orderly when the Spirit of God is wild and adventurous.

Contributing to Community

God calls us to be generous with our money, but so often tithes aren’t going out into the community where it could do the most good. Our members use the money where they feel most called, supporting everything from environmental activism to mission work to support for survivors of domestic violence.